If you are an aspiring musician and are still working on your way to the top of the music billboards, promoting your band is of utmost importance. You should let your presence be felt by doing various promotional activities like local t shirt print shop. After all, the music industry is a tough industry to wiggle yourself in, and you could only gain attention by doing things differently than the rest.

You may have heard of several bands that didn’t make it to the limelight no matter how great their music is. Poor marketing and promotion could be one of the culprits for failed attempts of making it into the industry. Well, it doesn’t have to happen to you. Here are some hacks that you could try if you aim to leave a strong impression on music lovers.

Hack #1: Joining Tours and Events

You could easily promote your band and your music by being greatly visible to people. In tours and events, you can reach out to different kinds of people and have better chances of earning followers. In fact, the crowd could actually bring in publicity for you.

For instance, there could be bloggers in that event who would be eager to blog an instant press release about it. There could be vloggers among the audience who may upload videos of it or reporters who might cover and feature it. Better yet, there in that big crowd could be a music producer who may like your brand of music and sign you up for a contract. The possibilities are endless!

Hack #2: Using Various Online Platforms

In today’s information age, having social media accounts exclusive for your band is the easiest way to promote your upcoming shows or album releases. You get the chance to include a personal touch of communicating with your followers. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are some of the most popular social media platforms that could be followed by your fans or fans-to-be.

Another good option is to create your own website that you could fill in with as much information as you can about your music, tours, photos, videos, and more. Lastly, you may try to explore free music platforms where you could make your music available for listeners.  A lot of independent musicians heavily relied on these platforms which have proven to help their careers take off by a huge margin.

Hack #3: Creating Interesting Merchandise

The more creative your merchandise is, the more likely they will sell out. Custom t-shirts, pins, stickers, hats, and mugs – the list could go on! Imagine an avid fan proudly wearing one of your custom t-shirts at one of your concerts. Isn’t that the sweetest thing?

You could print out some excerpts of your lyrics on the shirts or maybe something really cool. Your merchandise can be a representation of your band’s style, that is why as much as possible, you have to make it resemble closely with the look and ideals that your band is going for.

Million Fans VS. A few True Fans

Now that we’ve enumerated some hacks that could get you “up there”, remember that it doesn’t matter if you gain a million following or not. They say 10,000 “true” and “organic” fans are far better than a million.

This is because only true fans will go the extra mile to go to your tours and events, follow your social media accounts, and buy (and actually use) your very own merchandise. 10,000 true fans are all you need to continue making music and be heard.

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