Easy Acoustic Guitar Rock Classics

Easy Acoustic Guitar Rock Classics You Can Learn Right Now

Even though some of the rock classics in this article weren’t recorded on the best acoustic guitar range originally, they’re all ideal for an acoustic jam session. In some scenarios, there might be some simple chord progressions. Nonetheless, they’ll still end up sounding great. Anyway, grab your guitar and see if you can play some of these tunes below.

  • Steve Miller Band- “The Joker”

If you’re a grinner and picker then you’ll love this one. This laid-back track is not only fun but super relatable as well. The Steve Miller Band released this track in 1973 and was in their album which was titled “The Joker”. In early 1974, the track topped the Billboard Hot 100 (US).

It’s basically just 3 chords really.

The musical chords in this track are G, C, D. 

  • The Eagles- “Take it Easy”

Seven girls is no small fete. No wonder the guy here needs to take things easy. This classic rock song was written by Glenn Frey and Jackson Browne. The Eagles recorded it and the lead vocals were sang by Frey himself.

This was the Eagle’s first single and it was released in 1972. Funny thing is that it never occupied the top spot in the Billboard Hot 100 chart, but only reached number 12. It is still a great song even though it’s been a while since it was released.

The chords in this track are: G, D, C, Em and Am.

  • Tom Petty- “I Won’t Back Down”

This track was Tom Petty’s first single in his debut solo album titled “Full Moon Forever”. The song, which was released in 1989, was written by both Jeff Lynne and Petty himself. Jeff Lynne was his writing partner during the creation of this album.

In the Billboard top 100 Chart, it only reached number 12. However, in the Album Rock Charts it was number one for 5 weeks. In fact, this is what kick-started its journey to multi-Platinum status.

This song has a theme that’s to die for. All you need to do really is stand your ground. So, go get your acoustic guitar and start jamming to this.

The chords in this track are Em, D, G, C.

  • The Animals- “House of the Rising Sun”

This track is a traditional folk song. Its well-recognized form is a recording that was done in 1964 by The Animals, a rock group from England. This became a #1 hit in Canada, Finland, Sweden and the United States. However, the song was also recorded by Nina Simone, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan and many more as well.  It has somewhat of an easy repeating pattern.

The chords in this track are Am, C, D, F, E7

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, now you can put your acoustic guitar to good use with these rock classics. You might not be able to fully master the many iconic riffs that make up most of these classic rock tunes. However, they’ll all prove to be great additions to your strumming repertoire. Enjoy your jam session.

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