CBD for Musicians

Benefits and Uses of CBD for Musicians

CBD or Cannabinoids is a substance extracted from hemp plants. According to News and Education, CBD has more beneficial components than other compounds taken from hemp–THC, causing psychoactive reactions in people. Researchers are conducting studies to validate these claims. As a result, several people are showing interest in using the best CBD products.

CBD can come in different forms (e.g., CBD oil, cream, or gel). Also, various people are taking CBD products for pain: employees, students, kids, and even musicians.

Whether you’re a violinist, cellist, guitarist, pianist, or even a rock star, below are some benefits and uses of CBD products that may convince you to use the product.

Helps Reduce Pain

Pain reduction is one of the most common reasons why people take CBD. With long hours of practice and training, pain is inevitable and common to musicians. Sometimes, pain can hinder them from performing well or from performing at all. For that reason, taking CBD oil, for example, can help lessen pain, especially during hard training and live concerts.

Decreases Inflammation

Musicians can be subject to injuries as well, not only athletes. There are several cases where performers suffer injury from concerts or practice. For example, a cellist or violinist can get tendonitis, an inflammation of tendons due to repetitive stress on the forearm. With the help of the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, musical performers can recover from minor injuries and play again.

Protects the Nervous System

Musicians who play Rock n’ Roll can be too extreme sometimes, and the probability of getting a head injury is not slim. Some researches prove that CBD can provide neuroprotection. Though CBD can offer some protection, it does not mean that rock stars are free to play their music carelessly. Nevertheless, this is still a benefit that musicians get from using CBD.

Fight Against Drug Withdrawal

Unfortunately, some musicians tend to abuse drugs. Whatever the reason may be, most of these people want to change their habits and get better.

Drug withdrawal can be a very unpleasant experience. That is why people going through the withdrawal phase must get all the help from friends or loved ones. Not only that but using CBD can also help a person going through withdrawal. One study proves that CBD can reduce anxiety and cravings in persons who use heroin or powerful painkillers.

It can help reduce anxiety performing or auditioning in front of a big crowd can cause anxiety in musicians. The anxiety level may be different for each individual, but people are not unfamiliar with the feeling. Taking CBD oil can lessen anxiety since it contains relaxing properties.


With the benefits and uses mentioned above, one must still seek the advice of an expert or healthcare professional. Bear in mind that CBD is not always the answer to address health issues. If you are suffering from a more severe case, consult a medical doctor.

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