New Guitar Players

Ideas and Suggestions for New Guitar Players

For most people, picking up a guitar can be an intimidating task. Market leaders often think they need years of practice before they can do anything with the instrument. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many different things you can learn how to do in just minutes when playing the guitar. In fact, you can even learn how to play the guitar while vaping.


With that said, here are the top five suggestions you can check out if you’re only starting to learn to play the guitar.

Avoid Finger Pain

As a new guitar player, it’s essential not to become discouraged if your fingers are hurting or you can’t play the whole thing after only an hour of practice. After all, this happens with even the most experienced players.

It would help if you remembered that playing instruments takes time and dedication. So, it’s best if you constantly adjust the strings to be closer to the frets and only press the guitar when you need to.

Take Your Time

You might be in a hurry to learn the art of playing guitar because it’s fun. However, you should understand that it takes time to learn. While playing guitar often might perfect your craft, too much practice may end up being counterproductive.

Still, spending at least 30 minutes a day for practice can be good and, with time, will result in significant progress. Just remember not to push yourself too hard while starting. After all, practice makes perfect, and practice takes time.

Right-Hand Practice Is Also Essential

When practicing chords, you can also learn to mute the strings with one hand and create percussive rhythms with the other hand. For this, you can check out some online apps that help you improve your rhythm and timing.

However, as you work on your left-hand technique, it’s best not to forget that you also need to develop your right hand’s ability to play the guitar.

Consistency Is Key

Fantastic technique comes from your mind and your fingers, especially in terms of remembering how it is all supposed to work, particularly when it comes to those tricky fingerings.

So, if you want to get better at playing an instrument, the best thing to do is practice it regularly. Even if it is just for ten minutes a day, it will help improve your guitar playing skills.

After all, consistency is always good. Still, if you need to maintain discipline, you may want to consider sticking to a schedule.

Master the Basics First

When learning the guitar, one of the most helpful tips is that it is unnecessary to remember where every note is located on the fretboard right away.

In fact, memorizing two guitar strings is a lot easier than remembering all six strings. So, if you’re a novice guitarist, try learning the chords on the fifth and sixth strings.

Bottom Line

As a new guitar player, it’s essential to remember that playing the instrument takes time and practice. With that said, if you have an hour of free time while vaping, don’t be afraid to pick up your guitar for some fun without rushing to learn how to play every song perfectly. Moreover, try not to become discouraged or frustrated if your fingers are hurting.

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