Guys Are Hotter With Guitar – Why?

If you have started learning guitar or if you are already a guitarist, getting a girlfriend may not be one of your worries. This is because guys with a guitar are considered hot and attractive to women. Yes, that is right, and it’s scientifically proven! There is undeniably a link between music and your hormones. Simply plugging and playing the guitar can be work as the best testosterone booster in your body, but how can this help you attract women?

Musical talent is associated with intelligence and genetic edge

To be a musician and to be able to skillfully play guitar is not an easy feat. Not everybody can do it, so if a man is seen with success in doing so, it makes him talented and smart. Women are looking for a dependable partner that can potentially provide children and tends to gravitate towards men with an edge and seems to have it all!

Exhibits their passion, creativity, and emotion

One of the most attractive personalities of a person is having a strong passion for something. Just seeing a man with a guitar already silently speaks of his passion for music which can magnetize women toward him. Men who create their own music are just attractive as they make people feel their soul in the music they create.

Indeed, being able to see the emotional side of a man is something most women want.  Playing the song they love or they created can spark emotions in other people and is a big plus to women.

Appears perfectionist and good with his fingers

With the right chord, the right strum, the right rhythm, and the right music, no woman would not want a perfectionist man. Just observing how the man perfectly plays the guitar with his fingers is a big turn-on.

Looks confident with strong physical prowess

This is where hormones play a role. Have you ever wondered why a guitarist feels confident, and sometimes, even aggressive while performing? Well, when we hear music and when performing at the center of a bunch of people, the cheering and the music can boost testosterone levels.  Women tend to like higher levels of testosterone. No wonder why it’s difficult to explain why you suddenly feel attracted to a performing artist.

But what’s more interesting is that a guy can still be more attractive even just by holding a guitar. This is supported by an article published in Psychology in Music where a man holding a guitar was able to attract and get female passersby their phone numbers 31% of the time as compared to when he was holding a sports bag (14%) or nothing (9%).

Give a romantic serenade

Music plays a very important role in traditional courtship, and a woman serenaded with her favorite song could be one of the most romantic acts every girl dreams of. That’s why a man who knows how to play the guitar has this advantage!

Now gentlemen, given the above reasons on why women find guys with guitars sexier and attractive, don’t you think it’s time to pick a guitar and start your lessons?

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