Hey, how are you doing? Joe Grushecky here, welcome to my website!

I thought that giving an overview for my site and what the course entails would be helpful for new and frequent visitors. Therefore, below is a list of currently available modules (expect new modules to come about soon).

Below, there is also an outline comprising of my grade system. The system may guide you on getting your bearings. If you missed watching the 1-minute introduction found at the front page, consider checking it out.

Categories have modules, which are inclusive of lessons. For example, I have a category; Scales and Arpeggios, that has a module; The Minor Pentatonic Scale, and has lessons on how to play as well as how to use that scale.

I have put modules, lessons, and even songs in personal order of difficulty through some color Grade System. While it may not be an official grading system, it will guide you on understanding your position and identifying where you should be headed.