Even the best performers sometimes struggle with performance anxiety. Being a good guitarist doesn’t come with the skills and confidence to perform in front of a large crowd. You may be a pro at the guitar, but performance anxiety may make you appear like you are a newbie. If you struggle with performance anxiety, here are some tips to help you manage this problem:
Use CBD products
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Here are 5 aspects I recommend for anyone looking to buy a guitar:
1. Do the shopping yourself
While buying online is cheap and convenient, I strongly suggest you feel the guitar and settle for an instrument that speaks to you. When shopping for either cookware or guitars, I recommend you take someone who also knows how guitar works.
2. Settle for a guitar that you like
Let your instincts guide you during your guitar shopping spree. The connection between you …

1. Invest in the correct type of guitar
Learning using the wrong guitar might complicate things right from the beginning. First, determine the type of guitar you would like to play, electric or acoustic? The kind of guitar you choose depends on the music you prefer to play, whether it be at home or at the concert.
2. Avoid finger pain
When starting, you will likely get sore fingerprints. When your fingers hurt, it might be that you are pressing the strings too hard. …