As a beginner, there are three easy chords you must know about: Chords A, D, and E. The chords are very basic strumming. We will add other chords to broaden your knowledge. Besides, there are easy songs you can play using these three chords. While trying to play may result in sore fingers, I assure you it will be lots of fun!

The D-Chord

It is an easy chord to learn and understand. The D chord is bright, expansive and high-pitched. It is among the commonly played chords and sounds well when played with other familiar chords such as A, E, and G.

You can play the D chord in three ways:

  • Start playing on the second string of the guitar
  • Playing by placing your index finger on the 3rd string
  • On the second string, which is the third fret, put your ring finger

The A-Chord

On the guitar, the A chord is quite familiar; it is among the chords that will keep popping up soon in majority genres of music. While it is more comfortable to play compared to other chords, it may pose a challenge to beginners.

To make it easier for you, while you play, it is essential to play using your fingertips. While playing, try to compress your fingers as much as you can.

Play along with the A&D Chord

With time, you can combine the A&D chord, after mastering the art of each.

The E Chord

The E chord forms the basis of playing the guitar. You can play it by:

  • Placing your index finger on the first fret, third string
  • Placing your middle finger on the second fret, third string
  • Putting your ring finger on the fourth string
  • Pressing down firmly on the three fretted strings
  • Strumming the six strings at a go with a smooth yet firm motion

The A, D and E Chord

You can play these three chords simultaneously. However, we will expound on them after the basics of the three individual chords.