By taking a step to start this guitar course, you are boarding a delightful journey of understanding. I have simplified this course to make it easy for everyone. However, everyone is likely to encounter some difficulties along the way.

While I was learning my guitar course, I was no exception. I ran into some difficulties, but I was determined. Try to practice perseverance when everything seems hard. If you feel like giving up, take a step back. Try to understand what you are missing.

Majority of beginners are scared of the theory that ends up creating a mental block way before they start. The course will be fun, practical, and educational. Therefore, opening your mind up will help see you through the journey. An open mind will make the lessons enjoyable and you will grasp things fast.

Since the start of this course, Iā€™m happy to have welcomed both beginners and advanced players sign up for the lessons. To ensure everyone at different stages get help, I have based the new edition on practical principles rather than mere theory.

However, it is crucial for you to question yourself and read theory all the way through. Theories promote understanding. While music theory may get mathematical at some point, don’t let that push you away.

Don’t allow theory and making music confuse you. Learn to understand the theory before playing and make sure to enjoy all the way.